Angler's Open Water Bundle

Angler's Open Water Bundle

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Bundle and save! The Angler's Open Water Bundle is designed for homes that have a decent amount of water surface area they are looking to light up. It includes 2 Super Mega underwater lights and our biggest above water LED light, the Inferno 3000. (Includes mounting bracket and shield.)

Color Choices: green or white

Specifications and Warranty: 
Super Mega Brite (underwater):
Light Placement: underwater | Brightness: 40,000 lumens | Warranty: 3 years on the power box and 1 year on the light bulb | Light cast diameter: 28 - 32 feet

Inferno 3000 (above water):
Light placement: above water | 3000 Watts | Brightness: 50,000 Lumens | Draw: 5.8 amps | Light circle: 150 feet | Warranty: 3 year end-to-end, 5 year limited 

Warranty Information