Mega Brite x3 (28,000 lumens - 250 Watts)

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Mega Brite x3 (28,000 lumens - 250 Watts)

The Meg Brite light has flipped the market on its head! This underwater green fishing light is a engineered green metal halide bulb producing 28,000 Lumens with a 20-25 Ft diameter. This iridescent green light will set your dock apart bringing both tranquility as well as doing a great job attracting fish.  The Mega Brite has a 3 year warranty on the box and a one year warranty on the bulb. The bulb has a 2-3 year life expectancy. This fishing light bundle makes lighting your entire dock simple and energy efficient. The Mega Brite x3 is also  an excellent option for commercial property lighting.