Laser Super Spot 1250 LED Overhead Fishing Light - The perfect spot light for your canal home. An amazing light and at an amazing price! Comes in with a 110 plug or 12 Volt!

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Amazing light! comes in 12V and 120 plug set up.  Over 22,5000 lumens.  Put them on a dock, boat or tripod.

Laser 1250 Super Spot this Power LED light.This amazing light can be used in a portable light set up or a permanent set up with the. 10 degree spot light which can hold its tight formation for over 250 yards.

 Even more impressive is the light can come with a 110 plug or 12V with battery clips.  An incredible light that pushes over 22,500 lumens of light.

 This light is be best value for the money, great for canal homes, portable setups, boats or open water....