Drop Light 2000 12V - This 12 Volt LED drop light provides an 8 to 10 foot circle of light with a 1.2 AMP draw. Extremely durable and easily portable.

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12v Drop Light 2000 - perfect for your boat or kayak!

Amazing powerful drop light - a must have for kayak fisherman as well as lake and bay fishing. Bring the party with you with you anywhere!

  • 12 Volt Submersible Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lamp 
  • 6 Sided LED Fishing Light (360 degree view); 216 SMD Super Bright LED Lights, 2000 lumens brightness;
  • 8 watts,0.9 amp draw,2000 lumens brightness, low battery consumption 
  • 50,000 Hours of continuous use; 
  • Built-in lead weight; Heavy Duty 6M Power Cord with battery clips
  • Free Shipping in the U.S.