Bi-Powered plug in and 12 Volt Portable Drop Light! Provides a 15-20 foot circle of neon green light. Great for your dock, your boat or the lake!

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The 1800 Lumen Radar drop light that can run off 12 volt and a 110 plug.  A must have for all boat, kayak and pier fisherman.
  • This is a nearly indestructible light producing 18,000 lumens with green LED's.
  • Comes as a 12V option and a 110 watt plug in solution with a 30 ft. cord. 
  • This gives you the ability to fish nearly any place imaginable with a small battery due to its minimal 2.5 amp draw or plugged in off your back deck. 
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  • Color: Green 
  • Cord: 30ft 16awg Marine rated cord
  • Beam: 360 Horizontal
  • Voltage: 12Volt and 110 plugin 
  • Life LED Hours: 60,000