Underwater Green Fishing lights is a family run business that has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the Underwater light market. We have been build lights full time for almost 10 years and have sold our lights all over the world.

While most of our competitors are still using the same old technology we have made it a point to be a market leader focusing on 4 key elements: The Customer’s ease of use, Safety, Quality and Advancements. Our product line consists of the most advanced HID, Metal Halides, and LED lighting you can buy. We pride ourselves on our award winning easy to install design that takes the worry of the additional cost of having an electrician to install the product. This is a true plug and plays engineered system that simple to operate. Our lights are extremely safe with the use of GFIC plugs and a super quick fused capacitor for circuit protections so you can buy with the confidence. The engineering department continues to evolve and grow, with several new products being tested to included using different color options such as blue and red, lights for boats and portable high power 12 volt LED lights. We also have several new ideas in development, and testing, along with continuous enhancement of existing products.

We always welcome input from our customers to find better ways to enhance our existing products at the same time provide a custom solution for any underwater lighting projects both residential and commercial. We are proud to say we have been award contracts to provide underwater lights to both individuals, Commercial and Government organization, such as the US Coast Guard. In addition to that, the City of Tampa FL purchase over a hundred customs made lights. The significance of this, was that they had all the major underwater light companies provide samples for testing, 3 of the companies were based out of FL. We are very proud to say we WON the contract and our lights will be feature year around in that fine city.

As a company we promise to stay focused on you the customer and deliver the best light at a fair price. We stand behind our products, and our service department are dedicated to serving our customers' needs. 

Our History

Underwater Green Lights was originally founded by two Texas A&M graduates with degrees in Maritime Administration and Marine Biology. Our company has evolved into a full manufacturing company with a expanding dealer network across the country.  Our small business has grown and is currently owned and operated by two Texas A & M graduates whose passion is to provide customers with the highest quality underwater and overhead LED lights to improve fishing, gigging, crabbing, and much more. We are excited to offer more lighting options and dockscape designs. 

Our lights are American made in southeast Texas. We proudly employ avid fishermen and women, who are committed to finding the best lighting products that attack more fish. We are dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction. 


We look forward to you meeting your lighting needs!