TESTIMONIALS - Underwater Green Fishing Lights , Snook Lights, Best fishing lights, Green lights, lights for night fishing , best fishing light redfish and trout light , LED fishing light, portable fishing lights.Underwater Green Fishing Lights , Snook Lights, Best fishing lights, Green lights, lights for night fishing , best fishing light redfish and trout light , LED fishing light, portable fishing lights.
Underwater Green Fishing Lights


Yes the light came in on Friday….Thank You….we installed it Saturday and used it that evening. It is just SUPER, it blows away my neighbors. I kinda wish his Green Monster looked more like mine so they would match. Our light is much brighter and greener. My neighbor’s wife told us they had “Light envy”.

We haven’t taken a good picture yet of both lights on so you can compare and I’m not sure it’s possible for us to take a good picture. Please send me a good email address and I’ll send you a picture of our light. Remember we are in a cove with a large sunken piece of granite in the lake so the light lights it up.


As per our conversation a few days ago, I would be glad to give a testimonial for your lights. The first one I saw in my area belonged to Mark Monteforte who resides at the far end of my lagoon. When I come in from fishing on my boat I always see bait and sometimes gamefish around his light. Then a neighbor who lives three houses away from me from me purchased one of your lights.

It was probably around 2 AM in the morning one night this past July when I got home from fishing. I had been fishing from shore rather than in my boat. I walked into my rear yard to put my bait away when I noticed a school of bait swimming around my neighbor’s light. I walked down my other neighbor’s dock to get a closer look at the bait and to try to identify them. It was very dark at the time as there was a new moon and no other lights were on. I was intrigued by the bait and was focusing on them so much that I did not realize that the dock ended. I stepped right off it and fell into the water up to my neck. I did not hurt myself and was able to climb out quickly. However, I ruined my cell phone and all my clothing and other belongings such as my wallet were totally soaked.

I suppose it was at that point that I decided that I had to purchase my own light and I am glad I did. The first night I put it out, it attracted a school of peanut bunker. I now have bait when others around me don’t have any. This has resulted in me catching more fluke, stripers and mahi than I would have caught if I did not have the light. It really is a great product that has attracted a variety of bait and gamefish. Below are links to a couple you tube videos I made. {Videos Here}
Paul Haertel

One of the very first things I did when I purchased my canal house two years ago was have your company install a 3 light system. You and your team arrived on time and the installation went without a hitch. My family and I were absolutely blown away that first night as we watched fish of all sizes and types swim in the lights. And two years later, we continue to enjoy the system just as much. Our guests have been amazed at the effectiveness of these lights as well as how nice they look. Recently, I upgraded to your new Metal Halide system and they are even brighter than the original lights. Again, the installation was first class. We look forward to enjoying the lights and the multitude of fish that they attract for years to come. You and your company are the real deal. I can’t thank you enough.
Ralph M.

I love these lights! I had the old system (Big Bulbs) when a bulb went out, Terry was so good to me to upgrade to the new energy saving LED lights. You can see so much at night and they do draw in lots of big fish. I live on a small lake and all of the neighbors are jealous. Thank you SO MUCH Terry!! You have a customer for life. Thank You,
Leigh Anne Reneau

We did get the new lights, however we have not installed them because we are adding to our dock and will wait until it is finished to install them. About the original two lights all I have to say is that they have been one of the most enjoyable investments I have ever made. The lights virtually turned our dock into an outdoor aquarium. My wife and I as well as friends and neighbors have spent many hours watching bream, catfish, bass, carp, alligator gar, turtles, and bait fish around the lights. It has been amusing and enlightening to see how the fish react to their environment and one another. For instance did you know that a gar instead of attacking their prey frontally ease up beside the bait fish and with a lightning fast jerk of their head to the side capture their meal?

“Underwater Green Fishing Lights has been a pleasure to do business with, resolving issues we had with GFI early on. It’s always a pleasure to find someone “Old School” who treats their customers the way they would want to be treated and who stand by their products without run arounds and excuses. I would recommend Underwater Green Lights to anyone on waterfront property.”
Steve T
Monroe, Louisiana

Great, reliable service. We love the green-lights (in-fact we have two). Highly recommend the product, particularly if you live on a canal. The fish at night are unbelievable!”
Mark & Mildred
Jamaica Beach, TX

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