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LED Flounder Light , Rechargeable, light weight, over 8 hours per charge

 Underwater Green Fishing Light

Best self- contained flounder light built over 8 Hrs on one charge

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If you like to flounder gig, use what the pros use. Flounder Finder 2000


Flonder Finder 2000

Come see why  the Flounder finder 2000 is consider the Cadillac of fully rechargeable  self- contained walk around Flounder gig lights in the world This light is the perfect balance of a super bright high powered LED light, coupled with a long lasting rechargeable battery that will give you over 8 hours of battery life and all of this weighs less then 3 Lbs.   

  MSRP $229.95  Sales  Price: $189.95   free LED head lamp 29.00 value . while supply’s last.
S&H: $18.00

Weighs 2.9 lbs!
Custom Sling for comfort
Rechargeable!  Lithium ion 12 volt Battery & Charger INCLUDED!
Designed to be waterproof (Do not submerge)

NEW , Ask about our custom paint jobs, we can make your light a one of a kind. This also makes for a great for a gift for the guy or gal that has everything.

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 Flounder Finder 2000  Gigging Light  Includes the following 

 If you order the light on line, you will receive the light  ready to use right out of the box no assembly required.

You can own the ultimate flounder /fluke/ crab gigging lights.  Used by the Pros  this is the best rechargeable walk around flounder gigging  light in the world, super bright, and can operate of 8 hours on one charge.  Get rid of those noisy and smelly generators or heavy battery packs and simple enjoy your time on the water in total quiet. The light Includes a 15 watt Cree XTML warm or cool white, LED,  AR15 style sling, on/off switch and  rechargeable built in lithium ion battery sealed into a waterproof battery compartment. This light has been designed to give you 8-9  hours of intense light, before each recharge. To recharge simple unscrew the the nut on the back of the units and you will see the recharge port, from there simple plug in the charger to a 110 volt plug into a standard wall socket. Normal recharge will take 6-8 hours.   Feel free to call us at 281-724-9914 with any questions. THIS Light is ready to go right out of the box.

While using the the light DO NOT Submerge the switch or battery box into the water. After uses rinse off with fresh water , recharge the battery to full and then store in a cool dry place.

This is a WHITE LIGHT  not green! we can build the light in green on request only.

This  lights is a custom made and designed by our engineers not by some guy in his garage, we only use the best and highest quality  parts available.

The Flounder Finder 2000 set the standard for gigging lights.

At Underwater Green Fishing Lights.LLC we strive to not just build the BEST lights, but to keep them affordable!

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