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Underwater Green Fishing Lights

Brite 8,000 175- HID- MV Double Bulbs Underwater Green Fishing Lights.

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Brite 8000 2 bulb sys R   2x Brite 8000 Series,HID-MV Double your fun, underwater green fishing light system,  Retail Price $ 759.95 HOT SALES Price: $589.95 save over $200 
S&H: $38.00  TWO Times the FUN! your choice of a double box or 2 singles

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This is basically the same underwater green fishing light as 80% of the competitors  has the same basic spec as our competitors such as Green Mon___r and most other Underwater Light companies sells for over well over $900 !!!  Simple call and ask what there basic system spec are they will say 175 Watt Mercury Vapor this makes up for 85% of all the lights on the market today.  Why we can offer such a deal  one of our strategic partners owns a electrical supply business so we can buy our parts at 20-30% lower then most companies can do and we past that saving on to you. SHOP AND SAVE $$$$$$

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If you are looking for a double bulb Underwater Green Fishing Light her you go  this is the best over all on the internet Buy with confidence without compromising quality please give us a try this is underwater green fishing light is the best fish catching machine on the market , this underwater light work great for , trout, snook, red-fish, bass,flounder,crappie  and most other  game fish. 

Package Includes:

  • 2- 75 Ft Light Cord  heavy duty, SJOW marine cord

  • 2- 175 watt  High Intensity Discharge Bulbs

  • 2-  One or two control ABS Control boxes and a Timers or Photo Cell

  • 2- Vented, outdoor control box with HID Ballast mounted with 5 ft power cord. ALL Systems must be plugged into an approved GFIC Plug.

  • 1- Emergency shutdown system, if the fuse blows due to a lighting strike we will send you a new fuse , free of charge.

  • 2 Integrated Weight systems

Our most popular underwater green fishing light system this system is totally maintenance free once they are installed. Having two lights brings you twice the fun, most of our orders are for 2 or 3 lights. These powerful lights will bring the fish to your dock, fish are attracted by the light and it becomes an underwater aquarium for many species of fish including: Trout, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Snapper, and many more. The two lamps have a super bright 175 watt green HID Bulbs. We highly recommend multiple lighting systems giving you a very large area to fish because as we all know you need lots of room when fishing at night. A typical light ring with two light is about 22-38 feet in diameter). Each bulb is sealed using three step sealant process, for a long lasting permanent watertight seal. With a expected life of 24,000 hours the light will give you many years of enjoyment. 5 years testing every variation, and after massive trial & error and lots of R&D /time invested, we have put together the BEST HID underwater fishing light system available on the market today, sure you can pay more to get less, BUT WHY.

Our lights are built with the highest quality parts and components. Our High Intensity Discharge blubs have approximately a 24,000 hour life span and all parts and components are UL approved and will perform for years to come.

The US Coast Guard, exclusively deploys our lights for their docks, what a great compliment to be selected as their vendor of choice.

At Underwater Green Fishing Lights .LLC we strive to not just build the BEST lights, but to keep them affordable!

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