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Underwater Green Fishing Lights

Fish-en-Lite- 170- 12 volt (only) LED Portable Underwater Fishing Light (CRAZY BRIGHT ) 15,000 Lumens


Fish-en-Lites 15,000 has New Upgraded design 150 watt 12volt 0nly Portable Drop Light Package Brightest                   12 Volt Light in the world    List Price: $359.95     Sale Price: $259.95 S&H: $12.95

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There is only one way to say this , the Fish-en-Lite -170  is the brightest, toughest, and the best 12V portable underwater light made in the world.  We will buy it back and give you $50 bucks if you can find a better 12V light. This Unit! Hooks up to  any 12 volt battery and drop it over the edge of the boat or dock. For the optional 110 Volt AC Transformer please look under the shop page for Fish-en-Lites -170  FLEX power LED Light


The New Fish-en- Lite 15,000  is not only the brightest most advance 12 volt portable LED underwater green fish light system it is also packed with features all packed into a sturdy compact design that will last years and be passed thru generation of anglers in your family this is a true investment into high quality fishing equipment .

Never buy a light that won’t let you return it if you are not happy with the product.

LED 140 Watt 12volt Portable Drop Light – The Ultimate LED Drop Light! – Underwater Green Fishing Light

  • 1- Heavy duty ALLIGATOR CLIPS
  • 1- 30 FT of 16 Gage sjoow marine cable
  • 1- Super Brite Light assembly 150 Watt, over 15,000 thousand TRUE lumens.
  • 1  A body that is 14 inch long and 2 1/2 inchs round , that is has a  almost indestructible design .
  • Over heat protection, Auto reset fuse, low battery protection module.
  • Input 12-15 volts Output 150 Watts at 8.2 Amps
  • 360 degree output

We can’t even begin to tell you how many conversation we get into per day explaining the difference between a GARAGE built 5050 tape light and a high quality, HIGH Powered LED light that we build. We recently upgraded to the new Cree  computerized Integrated LED boards vs the individual high power 3-4 Watt chips, as High powered LED’s become more affordable the technology will improve the benefits of using the CILB  is that the light runes much cooler and will last much longer as well . The second is if a single diode does go out the the CILB will automatically cut it off and regulate the rest of the boards to make up the difference this will prevent any major melt downs and that is produce more Lumen per watt then any other diode being used today at 190 Lumen per watt if ran at 100% power by reducing the light to 80% power you still get the brightest light in the world but you don’t have to worry if your light is out of the water for up to 5 minutes which can make it easier to use with out the worries of causing damage if for some reason you can not return the light to water with in 1 minute like the older system. Our new design has 4 5 inch computer LED boards and built in auto reset able fuse to prevent damage if you cross the wires and in addition it has built in Heat preventing that will shut the light down to prevent over heating , and our newest feature it has built in power module that will prevent the light from complete draining the cranking battery , basically it will start blinking  if your battery is starting to run low so you will never be stranded. The New Fish-en- Lite 15,000  is not only the brightest most advance 12 volt portable light system is also has a sturdy compact design

Don’t be fooled by all the cheap lights out there if they cannot tell you how many watts and lumens the light is rated for then BUYER BEWARE. Most  portable LED lights under 150-200 dollars that are on the market today are made in China or by someone doing this as a hobbies part time business in there garage, not that it is a bad thing, unless you need to honor a warranty or looking for a HIGH quality Bright light and  you don’t mind buying a new light every couple of seasons. If you are looking for a  inexpensive light you can easily buy everything you need on Amazon to build your own for around $20-30 Bucks.  Buy  3 foot of  12 Volt  green flexible LED tape light and wrap tape lights around a pieces of aluminium  and glue them in place, then buy a 12-24 inch pieces of clear PVC and 2 PVC end caps then waterproof it  and you will have a better light then 50% of the lights currently being sold   FACT  SMDx3528 or 5050 LED flexible Light strips vary in output  the cheaper stuff is about 8.2 watt per meter with the average being 14,4 watt per meter and the best quality you will be  at 28 watt per meter. Basically you can only wrap so much product around a 15 inch pipe with the average  of  80 to 100 Lumens per Watt, you basically  can use about 2 -3 ft of tape lights you get on average 800 – 1400  total lumens. I commend the folks that build the best light they can with what they have to work with please JUST advertise the correct output. On eBay I saw a cat selling a 15 inch light and advertising 9000 Lumens when it is more like 900 what is a extra zero or two .  I am not against anyone in business and I believe strongly in the free enterprise and competition is a great thing,  providing you are simply not LYING  to the customer ,some folks fudge  but when you add a zero then it is getting extreme and not fair to the customer or the other companies not getting the sale.   Underwater Lights are NOT like fishing reels Walmart sells a lot of $ 20 dollar reels that can catch fish similar to a $ 300 dollar reel.  We know 2 facts about underwater lights, one they work great better then all the other  bait attracters combine and two,  bigger is better the more light you put in the water the more plankton are drawn in, the more plankton the more shad/minnows and we all know what follows after that  give you the best single opportunity to SEE and catch fish!  So sorry for the rant I simply have a lot of passion for the products and want everyone to play of the same field.   Never buy a light that won’t let you return it if you are not happy with the product.


Incredibly bright. We recommend this for nighttime – Trout, Red Fish, Sword fishing, Striped bass, large mouth bass and a host of other game fish. They attract all sorts of marine life which in turn attract the game fish. In clear water they will light up 30-40 feet around the boat depending on mounting angles.

This well be the best lights you will ever own and will be the talk of the docks, tournaments and friends!!! Use it to light up docks at night or around the boat to catch fish after fish and all you need is a 12 volt battery.

These lights are custom made and designed by engineers from MIT, they are high quality and made in the USA. Finally LED’s you can afford built for salt water or fresh water alike.

Our lights are built with the highest quality UL approved parts and components, and will perform for years to come.

The US Coast Guard, exclusively deploys our lights for their docks, what a great compliment to be selected as their vendor of choice.

At Underwater Green Fishing Lights .LLC we strive to not just build the BEST lights, but to keep them affordable!

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