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Mega Brite 28,000 single bulb Underwater Green Fishing Light (Crazy Bright)

1 Bulb Package 2 Bulb Package Replacement Bulb

 Best and Brightest  underwater green light R

Mega Brite 28000 crazy bright Fishing Lights, this light will blow you away.

1 Bulb 28000 lumen High Intensity Discharge Engineered Green Metal Halide underwater green fishing light system

List Price: $599.95 Sales Price!

30 Ft Bulb Cord: $469.95
50 Ft Bulb Cord: $479.95
75 Ft Bulb Cord: $ 489.95
100 Ft Bulb Cord: $499.95

S&H: $21.00

Awesome , the color of green light this puts out is simply beautiful and it draws in the fish better then any light sold.

The US Navy  & Coast Guard, exclusively deploys our lights for their docks, what a great compliment to be selected as their vendor of choice.

Installation Instructions

Select Bulb Cord Length with Timer or Photo Cell
30' Cord - Power Style :
50' Cord - Power Style :

75' Cord - Power Style :
100' Cord - Power Style :
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Product Description       LIGHT IN a BOX everything you need to install the light is included, weight, SS screws, plug and play design.

THIS Light is the Hottest Light in the USA your neighbors will have light ENVY  after your steal all the fish!

Package Includes:

  • 1- On cord adjustable weight system, this system is ready to go right out of the box! No cheap divers weights or find your own rocks nothing to zip tie or fill.
  • 1- 75 Ft Light Cord (STOW) Rated (We can customize your cord up to 150 feet)
  • 1- 28,000 lumen High Intensity Discharge Bulb GREEN colored Metal Halide 20,000 Hour bulb life
  • 1- Photo Cell (Day/Night auto-switch) ( Optional timers available).
  • 1- Vented, outdoor control box with HID Ballast mounted with 4 ft power cord. ALL Systems must be plugged into an approved GFIC Plug.
  • 1- Emergency shutdown system, if the fuse blows due to a lighting strike we will send you a new fuse, free of charge.

This is the only 28,000 lumen system on the Internet for under $ 600.00!

Our most POWERFUL UNDERWATER green fishing light system on the market! This light is big and bright and works great to attract big fish. The light will bring the fish to your dock, fish are attracted by the light and it becomes an underwater aquarium for many species of fish including: Bass, Trout, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Snapper, and many more. The lamp is a super bright 28000 lumen MH HID bulb so that when its placed in the water it glows a beautiful green color. Color and brightness may change depending on water quality and clarity (a typical light ring is about 40-65 feet in diameter). The bulb is sealed using three step sealant process for a long lasting permanent watertight seal. With a expected life of 20,000 hours the light will give you many years of enjoyment. This system must be plugged into a 120 Volt AC GFI protected outlet (you should have GFI protection near any body of water). We provide easy installation instructions – NO WIRING of any kind. 2 lights will cost on average 5=8 dollars a month to run.

Our lights are built with the highest quality parts and components. Our HID (High Intensity Discharge) blubs have approximately a 20,000 hour life span and all parts and components are UL approved and will perform for years to come.

We can give the customer a competitive advantage as what works best for your individual  situation, our number one job is to design a system that will look great and help you catch more FISH! We offer a conplete line of, Underwater fishing lights,underwater lights, dock lights, green lights, snook light, night fishing,submersible lights, green underwater light, portable fishing lights,pier lights,12 volt fishing lights, LED fishing Lights, Pier lights, Spot LED Lights, LED Underwater Lights, boat LED, transom lights, rock lights, flounder lights   All at Underwater Green Fishing Lights

The US Navy  & Coast Guard, exclusively deploys our lights for their docks, what a great compliment to be selected as their vendor of choice.

At Underwater Green Fishing Lights .LLC we strive to not just build the BEST lights, but to keep them affordable!

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