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1 Bulb EXTREME Brite 12,000 MV HID Underwater Fishing Light (Great Value)

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Extreme Underwater light R  EXTREME Brite 12,000 Lumen HID  MV  NEW for 2016 Single Bulb $$ Was $499.95 Sale Price!30′ Bulb Cord: $359.95 50′ Bulb Cord: $369.95 75′ Bulb Cord: $379.95 100′ Bulb Cord: $389.95  S&H: $21.00 

This is the very same spec system that our competitor sell for  more than $500.00.  In this unbeatable deal you get  1/3 more power and light then you get with all of our competitors like Gr–n Monster, green glow  and Underwater F—  Lights, in addition you get our exclusive plug n play easy to install system made with the best quality part and the best warranty to back it up.  Compare and save.

Installation Instructions

Select Bulb Cord Length with Timer or Photo Cell
30' Cord - Power Style :
50' Cord - Power Style :

75' Cord - Power Style :
100' Cord - Power Style :
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Package Includes:   LIGHT IN A BOX, everything you need to install the light is included, weight, SS screws, plug and play design.

  • Your choice of Timer or Dusk to Dawn Photo Cell
  • 1-30-150 Ft Light Cord (STOOW Rated cord) – Call for custom lengths.
  • 1- 250 watt Heavy Duty , HID Bulb
  • 1- Outdoor and water tight control box with 250 watt Ballast /Photo Cell or timer l with 4-5 ft. power cord.
  • Emergency shutdown system, with a fused capacitor.
  • 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Full three Year Warranty; ( see warranty page for details)  
  • Our Ready to Use Guarantee ;  When you receive the light we guarantee the lights is ready for the water and everything you need is in the box,  from SS screws to mount the control box to down to the adjustable weight system already on the cord No cheap diver weight or find your own rocks to stick in a bag we made it EASY.

We provide easy installation instructions. NO WIRING of any kind with our exclusive plug and play design.

NEW for 2016 the EXTREME Brite system has a rock solid pedigree using only the best parts and bulb available on the market. This system matches up to most of our competitors Premier light system that are currently selling for $500-$700 dollars. We know you have a choice and with today’s technology the truth is easy to find.  Although there are several light companies that seem not willing to share the proper specs, we feel that this is wrong. A customer deserves the right to know what they are getting is real and truthful. So please take a few minutes and compare the difference between a 250 watt and 175 watt mercury vapor light. At Underwater Green Fishing Lights, we not only have the brightest light for your money, we also back it up with the best warranty.  We can do this because we are one of the largest underwater light builders in the country and use only the best available parts – like the EYE Brand Bulbs that have a 24k hour life and twice as thick glass than a Plusrite or Eiko. Which happens to be the most common bulb used by several of our competitors because they are 1/2 the price and  have a 10-12K. Hour life, then the bulbs we use. Now we are not saying we don’t have failures or other issues, “of course we do” we are dealing the electricity and water; but it is how they are dealt with is what sets us apart from most, first we try to make sure every phone call is answered and give the people that answer the phone the leeway of correcting most problems on the spot and ship the needed part that very same day. . We have been blessed, and have sold thousands of lights over the years and properly staff the phones to handle issues; we also have a dedicated service truck for the local area.


The EXTREME underwater fishing light system can be used in both saltwater and fresh water. The adjustable weight system makes this light more flexible and can work in water from 4 60 ft . Warning if the light is used in saltwater, you must run the light at least  4 HOURS a day to keep it clean.  The light will bring the fish to your dock because the fish are attracted by the light. Within a few days your dock will become an underwater aquarium for many species of fish including: Bass, Hybrid, Crappie, Trout, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, and Snapper. The bulb is sealed using a three step sealant process for a long lasting, permanent, watertight seal. With an expected life of 20,000 hours, the light will give you many years of enjoyment. This system must be plugged into a 110 Volt AC GFIC protected outlet. If you are not sure you have one on your dock, we recommend you purchase the optional GFIC protection kit in the shopping cart and we will add it to your new system. At Underwater Green Fishing Lights we have spent the last 8 years testing every variation, and, after massive trial & error , and lots of R&D, we have put together the BEST underwater lighting system available on the market today. Sure you can pay more to get less, BUT WHY.   .

We can give the customer a competitive advantage as what works best for your individual  situation, our number one job is to design a system that will look great and help you catch more FISH! We offer a conplete line of, Underwater fishing lights,underwater lights, dock lights, green lights, snook light, night fishing,submersible lights, green underwater light, portable fishing lights,pier lights,12 volt fishing lights, LED fishing Lights, Pier lights, Spot LED Lights, LED Underwater Lights, boat LED, transom lights, rock lights, flounder lights   All at Underwater Green Fishing Lights

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