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Underwater Green Fishing Lights

How It Works!

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HID Underwater Green Fishing Lights                                             LED Stadium Pier and Dock Lights
LED Underwater Dock /Fishing Lights                                            Flounder Rechargeable LED Lights
Portable 12 volt LED Fishing Lights                                                 Boat LED Light Bars
Portable Jetty /or fishing Pier spot lights                                      Boat Transom/ drain plug lights

The US Navy  & Coast Guard, exclusively deploys our lights for their docks, what a great compliment to be selected as their vendor of choice.


We have expanded our products to include not only our mercury vapor systems but our new LED and Colored METAL Halide systems as well. Our LED’s include underwater green fishing lights, boat lights, 12 volt portable LED lights, High powered LED pier lights, Flounder lights, Tran-some lights and our newest member of the family LED spreader bars for trucks and boats.  We have a dedicated  R&D department that is constantly looking to add new products that would make fishing at night easier and more enjoyable. We also have strategic partnerships set up with both local and federal governments agencies and locally engineers to ensure we provide with not only  the brightest lights on the market but also the safest product for both the user and the environment combine at the same time give you  years of care free service, please feel free to call us at (281) 724-9914 for more information

How It Works!
Our core product is the  Underwater green fishing lights, where the Box is mounted near a standard 110v Outlet on dock or shore. The box houses a ballast that powers the HID bulb or the LED bulb. The bulb wire is weighted (bulb floats) and ran out to the waterway. When night comes the photocell activates and turns on the system. The water lights up green and the food chain begins, starting with phytoplankton, then small bait fish, and finally the larger game fish. Night after night the fish will come to your lights and feed on the easy meals, if you are to use the light in saltwater the light must be turned on everyday and run for at least four hours to prevent the barnacles from building up and covering the glass to the point you could no longer see the light. The lights are beautiful and attract large game fish. Watch as they gorge themselves in front of your eyes. What more could you want??

Underwater Lights!

We can give the customer a competitive advantage as what works best for your individual  situation, our number one job is to design a system that will look great and help you catch more FISH! We offer a conplete line of, Underwater fishing lights,underwater lights, dock lights, green lights, snook light, night fishing,submersible lights, green underwater light, portable fishing lights,pier lights,12 volt fishing lights, LED fishing Lights, Pier lights, Spot LED Lights, LED Underwater Lights, boat LED, transom lights, rock lights, flounder lights   All at Underwater Green Fishing Lights


Our LED’s and Green Metal Halides work on the same principals for attracting fish as the mercury vapor but use far less energy.

Above Water LED fishing light ?
After years of requests to build a quality above water fishing light system. We challenged our LED engineers to build not just the brightest but a durable system that are designed to last over 15 years of continuing use in a marine environment. We offer two version and three different power rating with using the best LED Cree chips these are spot lights not flood, rated at 60 and 15 degree beam angles you can put the light where you need it not in your neighbors windows. We use a average height above water of 20 feet you can expect a diameter of light on the top of the water of approximately 5′-20′of light in most cases. Pick from colors white or green , we can use the lights in conjunction with or with out the underwater lights.

How Do I Prevent Algae and Barnacle Growth?
Leave your Fishing Light plugged into a power source and allow it to come on every night in order to kill any algae growth with UV rays and heat. Barnacles will grow within a few days if the bulb stays off.




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